Tallahassee Civil War Roundtable

Apparent failure often proves a blessing. General Robert E. Lee

The Tallahassee Civil War Roundtable meets approximately eight times a year. We usually meet in the auditorium of the R. A. Grey building in Tallahassee. Our meetings are open to anyone who has an interest in the American Civil War. Topics have included everything from music, to battles, to civilians. If you would like to attend, watch this page for dates and times or email me at the address at the bottom of the page.

Last Meeting: Karen Kugal brought us a copy of the video "Echos of the Blue and Grey". I think everyone was fascinated with the movie reel images of diminuative Gen. Wheeler during the Spanish American war as well as the other elderly veterans kicking up their heels (literally) on film.

March Meeting: To be announced

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For more information Allie E. Howe mailto:tcwrt@excite.com